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How to take care of your new cutting board


It is very easy to take care of it! Really, just follow easy steps and you Wave Dream will be as good as new after very long time!
When you pick your board from shop, or received it by post - they are ready to go! They are oiled with high quality Paraffin Oil, that is 100% Vegan friendly. So if you see oil spots on package - it is okay!

So here are some easy tips from Herrings & Co how to care:

1 . Dishwasher? NO NO NO!!!  Wood is a beautiful natural material that has the ability to both bring water into its grain as well as repel it. When too much water gets absorbed by wood it begins to expand and this is what makes a cutting board warp, bend and crack. In a dishwasher there is a lot of water and heat… not a friendly place for your new chopping board.


2. Avoid  soaking in water. If you leave your chopping board in water for too long, it will absorb too much water, and yep, it will bend and crack. And that is for sure whan you and we don't want!

3. It is very good to dry immediately after washing. We don’t want any water absorbing into the wood.

4. One of the best ways to clean board is: either wipe down with just wet cloth or use a small amount of soap if necessary. If nothing too aromatic has been in contact with your board (fruits and some vegetables) simply wipe it down. But if you are cutting something potent like garlic, soap is a definite must as wood can hold the smell and transfer it to your next meal. But remember - the less soap the better! The soap will draw out the woods oil meaning you will need to oil your resin board more regularly.

5. Treat it with oil. Your chopping board needs oil to be strong and vibrant. The more we wash our boards, the more we draw out the natural oils which makes it prone to splitting and warping. The best way to know when your board is craving oil is to look at the colour of the wood, the duller the brown, the drier the wood. Good to use coconut, mineral, linseed, beeswax or tung oil. Don't use vegetable or olive oil. These will become rancid and begin to smell.

So thats it!

1. No Dishwasher

2. No Soaking

3. Keep it Dry after Washing

4. Wash it with water, less soap - better

5. Oil it if losses colours! 

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