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Congrats on your new friend “Green Bottle” by Herrings & Co

So you are wondering “How should I care about my new Friend” – and here are some tips for you:
1. When you brought “Green Bottle” home – give it a breather! Open lock and leave it open for around 4 hours!

2. Find a good place for your friend! Best is to place it in shadow, but not in the dark! Terrariums are not so cool to be on direct sun, as they getting hot inside and can just die. In total darkness they will be upset and will die. But in shadow – they will be thankful and will be glad to please your eye for many months! So 50/50 is best!

3. Watering. We are taking care of our bottles – they are watered just right! It is quite simple – if you see water drops on bottle from inside - open lit and give it dry out (around one day). If you see soil is dry – put some water in! We put water around 4 times a year.

4. Escape of “Green Bottle”. Question is if thew will grow out from bottle and invade your room! No... to invade the room they need more soil, and time. If it start to push lock out – you can cut them down, but not recommended – better to turn them back and let them grow inside bottle. Bottle will become more green and full with plants! Cool! Win = Win!

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